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The Boogie isn't a normal LED candle, it is an original and unlimited programmable visual effect.
This cutting-edge effect consists in a realistic imitation of the movements of a flame, as the LED stick incorporated into the candles has its own sensors and algorithm, which controls the flickering of each candle individually. i.e. speed & intensity and randomness of movement.
The "boogies" will bring your visual scenography at its best!
The Boogie can be deployed in indoor and outdoor sceneries and, thanks to our know how, accompany each event with genuine and distinctive effects.
Each Boogie can be controlled by DMX wifi, to create a matrix of thousands of candles. We can create an infinity of animated compositions, spread on the floor, in the space, or even maybe suspended in the air...

Technical Data

Power & transport
Each Boogie has an internal battery with an autonomy of 8 hours minimum guaranteed
An easy transportation and charging system is developed to make the handling of the thousands of candles as easy as possible.
In each box, is included the charging base station, you just have to plug the entire box and the candles will start charging.

Lamp source
Dimmable: It can dim from zero to 100% which is 4 times the brightness of a real candle.

Real Wax

WIFI Wireless DMX (internal) + WIFI DMX Antenna (external)
5 DMX Channels in Full mode
Stand-alone mode

Suspended Holder to hang the candles


1000x Boogie Candles
Wireless DMX sets

Need more -> on request