Aesthetic Bulbs

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Aesthetic light bulbs or Antique filament light bulbs or Edison light bulbs or common known as vintage light bulbs all refer to carbon- or early tungsten-filament lamps.
These reproductions of the wound filament bulbs, made popular by Edison Electric Light Company at the turn of the 20th century, are easily identified by the long and complicated windings of their internal filaments, and by the very warm-yellow glow of the light they produce (many of the bulbs emit light at a color temperature of 2200-2400K).
These bulbs are perfect to give your event or show the extra touch it needs...
This bulb not only emits heat and a nice warm-yellow glow but also elegance and a nice subtile high-end touch.
These bulbs are looking great with the Kayradomes, woodenbulb pendants or the solo pendants.


We have a wide range of bulbs with different wattages, sizes and shapes all with E27-socket
Over 150 bulbs in stock
Accessories: Solo E27 - shucko Pendands (3mt, 5mt, 10mt)

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